Garnering over 400,000 downloads in Japan alone, Aiming Incorporated announces the Chinese version release of its full-fledged hit-title RPG “Lord of Knights” today, April 16th. Released under the name “Dragoon Story (Chinese:龙骑物语)”, this version is downloadable from the China App Store. Following the Korean release of “Lord of Knights” last December 5th, 2012 and their recent English version release on March 14th, 2013 serviced through Mobage West, not only does Aiming continue to challenge the North American market, known to be popular for strategy games, but is also striving to continue strengthening its publishing overseas.

◎Images of the Chinese Version

■Dragoon Story (龙骑) Overview


Platform: iOS

Publisher:Aiming Incorporated

Developer:Aiming Incorporated

Operated by:Times Lark Inc.

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