CEO – Chief Executive Officer
Tadashi Shiiba
Tadashi Shiiba
Born in 1973, Tadashi Shiiba graduated from Rikkyo University, and joined the game company Tecmo in 1997. In 2003, he moved to GameOn; the company was subsequently listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Section in December 2006. In March 2008, Tadashi retired an Executive Director responsible of GameOn. He then moved on to become the CEO of ONE-UP in June 2008. He left the company in May 2011, and assumed his current role as CEO of Aiming.
Tadashi got his start in developing consumer games. While working for GameOn, he was in charge of the release of Redstone, the most successful Free-to-Play MMORPG for the first time in Japan. As part of ONE-UP, he was responsible for the success of the social games Browser Three Kingdoms and Sengoku IXA. Tadashi prides himself in the ability to innovate online games for each new generation. His deep knowledge and wide experience with top-to-bottom development, planning, service operation, and marketing is a clear asset in the ever-changing landscape of online games.
COO – Chief Operations Officer
Kazuyuki Hagiwara
Kazuyuki Hagiwara

Born in 1973, Kazuyuki dropped out from the University of Electro-Communications. participated in the establishment of game developer and publisher Cyberfront in 1998 after working at Sega. He would move on in 2001 to help found GameOn Japan, paving the way for growth of the company in the following years. Promoted from System Management Executive to Director of the Online Business Division in March 2008, he led the team that produced the highly successful online shooting game A.V.A.

In addition, Kazuyuki has also served as a board member of the Japanese Online Game Association, acting as the founding chairman of JOGA’s Online Game Security Subcommittee. In October 2011, he left his position at GameOn. As a company executive of Aiming Inc., his role since April 2012, he offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in online game system construction and operations as well as fundamental business development.

Taiwan Studio
Naotake Hirata
平田 尚武
Born in 1972, Naotake was greatly involved in the Tekken and Soul Calibur series at Namco (now BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.), and was part of the team in charge of overall character planning, production, and game adjustments. As the driving force of the team, Naotake contributed to the success of these series. In 2003, as a Director he coordinated partnerships between Namco Bandai Games and development studios in Taiwan. He was specifically involved in the collaboration project for Bounty Hounds (Chinese name: 星戰傭兵). In his position, he also brought together a domestic Taiwanese team of over 100 people while accomplishing the commercialization and promotion of games. After his success at Namco Bandai Games, Naotake moved on to Namco Bandai Online, where he developed online games and gained know-how on game operations. As of January 2012, he is at his current position at Aiming Taiwan where he leverages his experience in game operation and overseas development team organization.