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CEO Tadashi Shiiba
CEO Tadashi Shiiba

Game Industry History

Looking back at the changes in the game market, the European and American markets expanded in the 2000s, and the Asian market, centered on China, expanded rapidly in the 2010s. Within this 15 years the game market expands about 5 times from 4 trillion yen to 20 trillion yen. It has grown into a huge global market. Not only game devices and home game consoles, but also familiar devices such as personal computers and smartphones, everyone in the world can now enjoy games easily. For home game consoles, PS2 and PS4 was sold more than 100 million units in total, while smartphones was sold about 1.4 billion units in 2021 alone. This also represents the expansion of the global game. Looking at these numbers, it proves that the world is full of opportunities, and it’s a very favourable environment for us game creators.

Aiming History and Career

Looking back briefly on the history of Aiming, it has accumulated notable achievements in the history of Japanese online games. By producing the “REDSTONE” (Japan’s first successful free-to-play MMORPG), “ブラウザ三国志” and “戦国IXA” (first successful card-type social game), laying the foundation for our online game development. After that, we are continually producing famous game such as “剣と魔法のログレス いにしえの女神” (Japan’s first successful smartphone MMORPG), “CARAVAN STORIES” (Japan’s first full 3D large-scale MMORPG), “DRAGON QUEST TACT” (2020 top-class successful title) ) and etc.

What Aiming aspire to

One of Aiming’s strengths is that our executives, including myself as the representative, have the highest level of game development experience in Japan. CEO Shiiba and COO Hagiwara have been involved in game development as programmers since the beginning of their lives, and Mizushima, the first division manager, and Takayashiki, the second division manager, have been working as new graduates in game development for more than 25 years from home console games to computer MMORPGs. We have experienced not only development but also management and planning, and have a long career in producing game since the early days of Japanese PC online games in the business model of free install + ingame item sales, which is the mainstream of current smartphone games.

We have created an open development environment centered on staff with sufficient development experience, knowledge, and achievements. In this environment, new graduates, mid-career workers, and inexperienced workers can gain experience, and grow their skills rapidly. This allows us to develop high-quality games.

By accumulating experience and technology, we aim to continually produce more high-quality games. We also want to become a game company that is to be expected not only in Japan but also in the world, where our games not only are praised “Interesting” by the users, but also are acclaimed “As expected of a game developed by Aiming” by everyone in the game industry.

CEO Tadashi Shiiba