Aiming Incorporated announces the achievement of its hit-title “Lord of Knights (ロードオブナイツ) ” for the smartphone (Android/iOS), in garnering 1 million downloads. In line with this, Aiming launches its “Milestone: A Million Downloads” Event.

■A Million Downloads Achieved & A New World Opens! What Kind of Game is Lord of Knights?

Rule your own territory as lord, and strengthen your cards in this full-fledged RPG, “Lord of Knights”. Assemble a Guild with numerous other players, and throw down the gauntlet. Or battle one-on-one in Duels against other players, and enjoy other game elements such card battle and town-building simulation as well.

■Definitely Something You Cannot Miss: The “Milestone: A Million Downloads” Event!

In gratitude to all players for their continuous support, expect a lot of gimmicks in store under the “Milestone: A Million Downloads” event.

Now garnering a milestone of over a million downloads, WORLD 22 opens on June 25th (Thursday) and in line with this, the “Milestone: A Million Downloads” event and the “Birth of a New World” event shall be simultaneously launched! Lord of Knights’ great leap forward does not just end here! To those who have not played “Lord of Knights”, by all means, join in on this golden opportunity!

●Two Awesome Surprises Await in “Milestone: A Million Downloads”!

Within the event period, players can acquire the “Milestone: A Million Downloads” commemoration cards. These two cards, “Divine Grace” and “Lemuria Order” have each their own acquisition conditions. Don’t miss this chance and get these limited edition, never-before-seen cards now!

●Adding In a Drop-dead Gorgeous [GR] Card! Plus, Increased Chances for Drawing [GR] Rarity Cards!

This time, a drop-dead gorgeous card 【[GR] Chikai no Ken Kurarisu】will be newly-added.

A [GR] card is endowed with abilities greater than any other card rarity, thus is the game’s highest level in card rarity. On top of that, increased chances for drawing a [GR] card are implemented during the event period!

●Special Prices on the Initial Perks for Lotto Gold & the Lotto Gold Draw Streak!

Discount prices for the Lotto Gold &  Lotto Gold Draw Streak.

Discount applies to WORLDS 1~21 as well!

Lotto Gold Usual Price: 100 CP ⇒ Now 85CP (10-draw limit)

Lotto Gold Draw Streak Usual Price: 3000CP ⇒ Now 1500CP (Initial Draw Only)

●Drastic Increase in Fusion Growth Rate/Skill EXP!

During the event period, a drastic increase on Card Growth Rates and Skill EXP in Basic Fusion will be implemented. Now is the chance to strengthen the skills and status of vaunted powerful cards!

Event Period: ~ Until prior to the July 5th maintenance

■The Fate of War is at Hand! A New World, “World 22”, Opens!!

On June 25th (Tuesday) a new world “WORLD 22” is now open and a huge game update, “Holy War” begins! With all the excitement happening in WORLD 22 with these two in-game events launched simultaneously, keep your eyes glued to this brand new world! Those new to “Lord of Knights”, other WORLD players, and even veteran players too, can join the fray!

●”Special Lotto Only on WORLD 22″ Now Ongoing!

Acquiring a very powerful card is guaranteed through the highly-acclaimed “Special Lotto Only on WORLD 22” promo, now ongoing. Two options are available: 500CP & 1000CP, with each having its own set of card combinations.

500CP Draw Option: [UR] and higherx1 [SR] and higherx2

1000CP Draw Option: [SR] or higherx3 [R] or higherx7

Sale Period: ~ Until prior to the July 5th maintenance

●”Long Live the New Lords!” Event Ongoing!

Fulfill certain special conditions within the event period and get an awesome reward!

Event Period: ~ Until prior to the July 5th maintenance

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