Aiming Incorporated announces the release of its full-fledged card RPG “Bushin Taisen” through DeNA Co., Ltd.’s Japan mobile portal site, Mobage, beginning December 14th 2012.

As a new series of the hit-title “Lord of Knights”, which garnered over 400,000 downloads, “Bushin Taisen” is a cross between a card battle and strategy RPG that brings in together the great generals and beautiful maidens of Japan’s Sengoku Period and China’s Three Kingdoms, unfolding new fierce battles between them.

Through its easy controls and distinctive features, “Bushin Taisen” is a game that can be played for a mere 5-minutes a day. Play at your own pace in building your “Empire”, and while doing so, train your generals and nurture your maidens through “Fusion” and “Exploration”. Form “Clans” with other players, and aim to take over the fortresses of the “Evil Warlord (NPC)” scattered throughout the continent. On top of that, players can challenge their generals through daily “Duels” against that of another, and more.

To further anticipate its release,  a “Friend Invitation Campaign” will commence alongside the beginning of its service, up until the game’s maintenance on January 9th, 2013 (Wednesday). And to top it off, a “Start Dash CP Purchase Campaign” will also commence at the same time for our users who wish to purchase CP in-game from today up until the start of the December 26th (Wednesday) maintenance.

Meet these famous generals and fierce warriors as they come to life with grandeur, seen through the eyes of a well-known Japanese illustrator. We hope you enjoy the beauty of the Bushin Taisen realm and redefine the art of war!

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