Marvelous AQL and Aiming Incorported have entered into an agreement to release “Browser Sangokushi Mobile” overseas through Aiming. “Browser Sangokushi Mobile” is serviced locally in Japan through GREE,  and has launched in China under the name “聖境三國” on September 20th (Thursday), 2012.   “Browser Sangokushi” began its Japan service in 2009 through Marvelous AQL, leaving its mark in Japan’s social game history as a hit title. Now, taking the city-building and card system aspect of “Browser Sangokushi” to the mobile social game platform, “Browser Sangokushi Mobile” began its Japan service through GREE on June 10th, 2011, garnering its highest-ranking record in 8th place, and is still well-received by its users up until today. As for China, both iOS and Android versions shall released initially under the application store of the largest and highly popular online game portal “”. Furthermore, Aiming has plans to release the iOS version of “Browser Sangokushi Mobile” under the China App Store later on. It is said that the number of global smartphone shipments exceeded 150 million units as ofthe second quarter of 2012, and that China alone accounts for 27%. Furthermore, China’s domestic online game market has exceeded 600 billion Yen, and yet continues to grow as one of the world’s largest gaming markets. As “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is well-loved across all generations even in China, Aiming through its own  title “Browser Sangokushi Mobile”, challenges the fast-growing China game industry, by striving to establish a strong branding in China and not only in Japan. ◎Images of the Chinese version of “Browser Sangokushi Mobile”   ■About Established in 1999, NetDragon Websoft Inc.  (网龙网络有限公司) operates the largest and highly popular online entertainment game portal,, and also services their own appstore in China.