Aiming Incorporated Completes Another Private Placement of Equity

Aiming Inc. announces today that it has completed another private placement to YJ Capital Inc. operated by YJ No. 1 Investment Partnership, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd. operated by Mitsubishi UFJ Capital No. 4 Investment Limited Partnership, and to Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd. operated by Mizuho Growth Support Investment Limited Partnership raising up to a total amount of JPY 450 million. Aiming Inc.’s total amount of capital after these private placements will be JPY 1.43 billion (JPY 1.42 billion in capital reserves).

Aiming, with its titles “Lord of Knights” for iOS and Android and “Logres of Swords and Sorcery: Goddess of Ancient” and more, develops and operates numerous smartphone online games both in-house and through partner companies and collaborations.

In addition to its members having abundant online game development and operation experience, highly-skilled game research specialists are also present who, by playing global games, analyze and reconstruct the fun factor in games regardless of the old and the new, paving the way in delivering full-fledged smartphone online games.

With these capital fundings, Aiming continues to strive forward in dealing with development and operations for even more attractive games, in which after its focus on the local and Asian market, will push itself further towards the overseas smartphone game market with a positive outlook.