Aiming Inc. announced today that it has completed another private placement to Nissay Capital Co. Ltd. operated by Nissay Capital No.5 Investment Limited Partnership with a total amount of JPY 299,915,000. Aiming Inc.’s total amount of capital after the private placement will be JPY 1,209,957,500 (JPY 1,199,957,500 in capital reserves). Starting with the release of PC browser-game “Logres of Swords and Sorcery”, Aiming now has iOS game applications “Lord of Knights”, “Lord of War”, and Android game application “Blue Odyssey”, etc. in collaboration with a number of partners, still actively develops game applications for smartphones and PC. Having numerous engineers who have online game development experience, along with game research specialists who build and re-analyze games which are fun to play around the world regardless of the old and the new, Aiming continues its development of full-fledged smartphone and PC online games that can stand comparison with console games. Aiming plans to use the recent funding to expand its game lineup, at the same time assert its entry to overseas markets for the smartphone and PC game market.