Tokyo, Japan – January 10th, 2013 – Aiming Incorporated recently secured a strategic investment from Directouch Holdings Limited, also known as Chukong, a major Chinese mobile game company, through a rights offering in Aiming’s wholly owned subsidiary, Aiming Korea. Futhermore, this partnership also lead to the change of corporate name from Aiming Korea to A-KONG, made last December 27th, 2012. ■Objective of the Strategic Partnership With its smartphone penetration rate exceeding 60%, South Korea is now one of the top 3 smartphone game markets on a worldwide-scale, and, further growth is expected. To guarantee success in such a promising market, Aiming and Chukong’s partnership, along with their capability in providing top-quality smartphone games which will be serviced through A-KONG, can pave the way towards their aim to become South Korea’s top publisher. Through this partnership, Aiming is able to establish a Japan, China and South Korea smartphone game channel, and firmly believes that it can support local Japanese game development companies who hope to do business further out in Asia.

About the Chukong Group

The Chukong Group operates China’s largest iOS mobile game developer community “” since 2008, and developed the “Cocos2D-x”, a mobile game engine that accounts for a 25% worldwide market share which is open-source.

Their in-house developed mobile game “Fishing Joy (捕鱼达人)” using Cocos2D-x exceed 150 million downloads worldwide, beating the record of “Angry Birds”, making it China’s most historic mobile game.

“Punchbox” is Chukong’s publishing arm and also China’s biggest mobile advertising platform, currently servicing games from more than 30 companies including Disney’s “Swampy” and Nexon’s “Dungeon & Fighter” mobile game version in the Chinese market.

With a developer community, game engine, game development and publishing, to mobile advertising, Chukong is engaged in various mobile related-businesses. Having set-up branches in America, Tokyo and Taiwan, the Chukong Group is rapidly growing as well, securing a USD 33 million funding from Sequoia Capital, a top Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm, and Walt Disney Company’s affiliated venture capital firm, Steamboat Ventures in August of 2012.

About Aiming Incorporated

Aiming plans, produces, develops and operates a number of social and online games for the web PC and smartphone. Established in May 2011, Aiming’s core members hold successful historical careers spanning more than 10 years in the online game industry, from PC online, PC browser, to smartphone games.

Aiming continues its success on their hit titles, “Logres of Swords and Sorcery” (PC Browser) and “Lord of Knights” (iOS/Android) since its foundation, securing an investment of JPY 2.1 billion. Aiming Incorporated is one of the few, most-watched game companies in Japan today.

From left: James Jeon ( Director), Tadashii Shiba (Co-owner), Haozhi Chen (Co-owner), Benjamin Park (Director)

■About A-KONG

Co-owners  :Shiiba, Tadashi (Founder and CEO)

                             Chen Haozhi     (Chukong Group CEO)

Corporate Name: A-KONG

Location:    Seoul, South Korea

Nature of Business: Publishing of smartphone online games in South Korea

A-KONG’s logo symbolizes the harmony between Japan, China and Korea, with “Mutual Cooperation and Harmony” as its corporate motto. “KONG” in Korean, meaning “bean or seed”, reflects the company’s aim to grow as a top-class publisher in the South Korean market.

A-KONG Official Website (Korean Only)

Aiming Incorporated Official Website