Free-to-play browser game ”Queen’s Blade: THE CONQUEST” began open service today March 29th, 2012, at 16:00. ■Appearance By A Heroine From the New Television Series ”Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” ”Queen’s Blade: THE CONQUEST” will feature a new heroine, Annelotte, from the franchise’s new television series ”Queen’s Blade: Rebellion” which is set to air in April 2012. ■Open Service: Version-Up New functionalities which were not featured during the First Test Stage will be available during Open Service. This new version will also feature a simple-to-follow tutorial which allows anyone to play the game with ease.

Open Service Overview

Genre RPG Strategy Game
Date & Time March 29th, 2012, 16:00~
Recommended Specs Internet Explorer 7 (or later version), Mozilla Firefox (latest version), Adobe Flash Player (latest version)
Operations & Development Aiming Inc.