Press Release

Aiming Inc.

Browser Game ”Queen’s Blade: THE CONQUEST” Begins its First Test Today

Aiming would like to announce that it will begin the first test of ”Queen’s Blade: THE CONQUEST” today, February 17th, 2012, at 15:00. ”Queen’s Blade,” set to be released this Spring, is a free-to-play browser game which requires no installation and can be played by anyone. *First Testing is testing carried out by users before official open service of the title for the purpose of game improvements and checking server load and system stability. ■First Testing Starts Today at 15:00! First testing starts from 15:00 today and will last for 3 days. Testing is limited to a fixed number of users. Anyone who can access the website can try to test the game. ■Gorgeous Warriors! In ”Queen’s Blade,” users make allies with attractive warriors and go on adventures. During the first test, users can try out a feature called ”Supremacy Mode.” ■First Test Overview February 17th 2012 15:00~25:00 February 18th 2012 13:00~23:00 February 19th 2012 13:00~23:00 Testing is limited to a fixed number of users. ■ ”Queen’s Blade: THE CONQUEST” Overview Title: Queen’s Blade: THE CONQUEST Genre: MMO Strategy Game Service Type: Free-to-play (with optional in-game purchases) Open Service: Spring 2012 Recommended Specs: Internet Explorer 7 (and up) / Mozilla Firefox (latest), Adobe Flash Player (newest) ”Queen’s Blade: THE CONQUEST” First Test Website: