Aiming Incorporated Completes Another Private Placement of Equity

Aiming Inc. announced today that it has completed another private placement to JAFCO Co., Ltd. operated by JAFCO Super V3 Investment Limited Partnership with a total amount of JPY 600,000,000. Aiming Inc.’s total amount of capital after the private placement will be JPY 1,060,000,000 (JPY 1,050,000,000 in capital reserves). Aiming, aside from its iOS application “Lord of Knights” and browser game “Logres of Swords and Sorcery”, through partner companies and collaborations, produces and develops numerous PC and applications for the smartphone. In addition, holds positive views towards actively engaging in overseas businesses. With its recent capital funding, Aiming intends to strive forward with competitiveness, bringing its development capabilities and build its business network on the global smartphone/PC game market.