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The Virtue of Change – Agile Development

Aiming practices agile development methods throughout the company. Agile is a method of development in which the bare minimum is decided in the early stages of the process, thereby allowing for change as the project moves forward. Not only does this allow us to reduce waste of time and resources, but it also suppresses conflict within project teams.

Game and web service development is a series of trial and error, and we feel that the agile method of development matches the process very well.
By eliminating the precondition that everything must be planned before the start of development, the engineer is free to output a working iteration of the software then collect feedback and make adjustments. The game design itself can be adjusted at any time. Though it requires a lot of labor and courage to be willing to make changes to a plan during the process, this method produces far less waste than attempting to create a complete game design in the beginning and then try to execute the plan.

Rather than deciding on a specific direction solely on the imagination of a single planner before a working iteration is available, it is more constructive for a team to discuss ideas with the working iteration in front of them.
That is the essence of trial and error. That is the virtue of change.

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Agile development was conceived from the successes and failures of software developers in the past.

It would be foolish not to learn from the wisdom of our predecessors, but this system is not one in which practitioners simply follow a textbook word for word. As is evident in the idea that development should be open to adjustment at all times during the process, the virtue of the agile method is that it preaches for those involved to actively think about the best way to progress. It encourages developers to make changes on their own.

Aiming Developer Credo